Virtual Patients

Real sounds recorded from real patients in real environments. Our simulator transports you to the clinic and gives you the feeling of a real auscultation assessment.


  • Multiple auscultation areas recorded from the same patient
  • Different positions and manoeuvres
  • Stethoscope modes: diaphragm and bell
  • Real time phonocardiogram
  • Fine-grained annotations of signs
  • Activation of sound filters
  • Clinical history
  • Validated by Healthcare Professionals


  • 50+ Cardiac Virtual Patients
  • 50+ Pulmonary Virtual Patients

Medsounds Exams

Assess and grade auscultation skills.


  • Based on the normal cardiac and pulmonary auscultation assessment protocol
  • No need to create questions, just chose the virtual patients to assess
  • Flexible grading
  • Assess detection or classification of signs
  • Instant result reports
  • Usage statistics and feedback
  • Customize dates and timers
  • Random pooling
  • Question shuffling
  • Virtual Patients reserved only for exams

Medsounds Courses

Specialized courses that can be used to teach inside the classroom or in a b-learning scenario.


  • Standard courses created and curated by specialists in medical education
  • Unique interaction between the student and the teacher
  • Full control by the professor over the course navigation
  • Voting system integrated in the questions
  • Medsounds™ simulator embedded
  • Other medical imaging and embeddable multimedia content

* Other courses can be tailor made to your needs. Please contact the Medsounds™ team.