Medsounds for classrooms

Transform any computer room into an auscultation teaching environment where you can share a patient with all your students and discuss it.


  • easy access to a large list of virtual patients
  • you can build any clinical history or just focus on the sounds
  • unique and rich interaction between teacher-student and student-student
  • mass teaching
  • train, assess or grade your students
  • minimal hardware requirements (computer and headphones)

Medsounds for group study

Transforms any place into an auscultation teaching environments where small supervised or unsupervised groups can learn with our virtual patients.


  • targeted teaching
  • cooperative studing
  • it can be used in any phisical place

Medsounds for OSCE

Bring high realism to the OSCE exam, transforming a patient actor into a real one.


  • very high realism and simulation immersion
  • adequate for OSCE or similar examinations
  • do the auscultation using a real stethoscope, keeping the imersion
  • sounds are transmitted in real time with no delay

Medsounds for self study

Students can “carry” the simulation room to their homes, where they can train at their own pace.


  • learning at your own pace
  • more chances to train
  • train anywhere (at home, from home to school, at school)
  • provides statistics to teachers from student usage

Medsounds for simulators

Adapts the auscultation of a physical simulator into the real sounds of any virtual patient.


  • improve any low or high fidelity simulator with real auscultation sounds
  • very high realism and simulation immersion
  • adequate for high-fidelity simulation scenarios such as team-based ones

Medsounds for workshops

Certify your students or colleagues with pre-made courses created by higher medical institutions.


  • enables local or remote teaching
  • the Professor has full control over the course
  • unique and rich interaction between teacher-student
  • adequate for Continuous Medical Education scenarios
  • allows mass certification